Buffett Just Went “All-in” On… Gold?

Below is an important message from our friend Andy Snyder at Manward Press.

If you own Gold… or are thinking about buying some… you’ve got to hear this.

It may be the biggest thing to happen to gold since the Nixon shock in 1971.

Warren Buffett just bought gold.

He spent half a billion bucks for 21 million shares of mega-miner Barrick Gold (GOLD).

You probably heard that.

But I bet you didn’t hear the rest of the story…

You see, the media will tell you Buffett “hates” gold and silver.

And he should… it’s been beating his Berkshire Hathaway (BRK) shares for more than two decades.

But the truth is… Buffett has a rich history with precious metals and big predictions.

In the 1960s Warren Buffett bought silver because he anticipated its “demonetization” by the U.S. Government.

He nailed it.

Over the next decade, silver went from less than $2 an ounce to over $25.

And then he did it again…

In 1996, Buffett bought nearly 40% of the world’s silver supply.

Some folks say it’s the catalyst that stopped silver’s price from sliding from those highs in the 1970s and sent it soaring from $4.50 (when Buffett bought) to a record high of over $49 per ounce in 2011.

Could the same thing happen to gold?

You bet it can.

I’m convinced it will.

That’s because there’s a special meeting being held on September 16 in Washington.

If what I predict will happen at that meeting becomes reality, we could see a rally in gold prices like never before.

Buffett will win again.

I’ve put all the details in a special presentation.

It details what’s happening, why it’s happening and what I think happens next.

If you own gold or are thinking of buying some, pay attention.

Click here for all the details.

Be well,

Andy Snyder

Founder, Manward Press

P.S. September 16 is coming fast. It’s just days away. That’s why I put together five steps you need to take right away if you want to get the most out of what’s ahead. All the details are at this link.